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Personalised Service, Guidance and Advice.

High Country Tree Services offer a personalised service to help you manage your trees by offering a cost-effective, efficient, friendly yet professional range of services.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our team.


Services we offer

High Country Tree Services offers a wide range of services

  • Tree removal

  • Stump grinding & removal

  • Mulching

  • Chipping

  • Pruning

  • Assessments & advice

  • Free quotes

We operate within an hour's drive from Mansfield in all directions! 


High Country Tree Services has a wide range of equipment to accommodate all of your on-site needs.

  • 20m Spider Track-Mounted Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

  • 19m Truck Mounted Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

  • 12m Truck Mounted Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

  • 5T Hyundai Excavator with Log Grab

  • 2 x 18" Chippers

  • 16" Chippers

  • 12" Chippers

  • 8" Chippers

  • Multiple Trucks and Vehicles

  • Climbing gear

  • Chainsaws & pole saws

  • Hedgetrimmers

All equipment is maintained and serviced regularly. 



High Country Tree Services specializes in the ropes side of the tree business, from climbing to rigging. There’s no ‘near enough is good enough’ when your life or property depends on ropes and rigging.

Qualified tree climbing arborists know the breaking strains and safe shock loadings of all the different sized ropes and cables used for different tasks. Friction drums, pulleys, winches, strops and other devices are used for large or difficult tree removals in confined spaces with minimal landing zone.

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