Going to great heights for your safety

Based in Mansfield, Victoria, High Country Tree Services is committed to providing a safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive service you can trust.

High Country Tree Services boasts the best local arborists, climbers, and operators; providing expert service to government, business, and homeowners.

Tree work requires a high degree of technical competence. High Country Tree Services offers a range of tree works including assessments, tree reports, tree surgery, pruning, service line clearance, tree removal, stump removal, mistletoe and vegetation removal. All tree works are carried out to Australian Standard AS4373: Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007).

Operating since 1997, the company is fully insured with $20 million in Public Liability Insurance.


High Country Tree Services recommends annual tree checks to maintain tree health and prevent damage to people or property.

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Blake will attend your site promptly for a quick and detailed quote. It is our goal to ensure that everyone is happy with the high quality of work that we produce.


The team at High Country Tree Services will go to great heights to ensure your trees are healthy, balanced and aesthetically pleasing, at all times providing the best equipment, operators and climbers for the job.

All mulch from your trees can either be kept for your own gardens, or removed by HCTS free of charge.

High Country Tree Services provide clients with peace of mind, knowing they will receive the best expertise and equipment required for the job, with all employees wearing HCTS branded uniforms and traveling in HCTS branded vehicles.

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High Country Tree Services aims to preserve the environment. Due care is taken to reduce and eliminate the environmental impacts of our work. At fortnightly ‘Tool Box Meetings’ all staff meet to discuss environmental issues and ways of minimizing impact (as well as other issues).

HCTS employee induction includes environmental management training, in particular how to minimize the environmental impact of worksites.