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A page from the history books

With our first tree cut down all the way back in 1997, High Country Tree Services has a rich history in the local Mansfield area.

Although the business has changed hands from the original owners, the ethos of the business hasn't changed. We work hard to make our customers happy, always aiming for a professional service.

Over the years we have had repeat customers, using us again and again as we provide a reliable service in a timely matter. They can trust us to understand their overall goals for the job, whether that be safety for themselves or their house, a better view for a new home or clearing space for new projects etc.


Going to great heights for your safety

High Country Tree Services is committed to providing a safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive service you can trust.

Tree work requires a high degree of technical competence, offering a range of tree works including assessments, tree reports, tree surgery, pruning, service line clearance, tree removal, stump removal, mistletoe and vegetation removal. All tree works are carried out to Australian Standard AS4373: Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007).

All our equipment is checked and serviced on a regular basis to keep up with our high levels of safety and to provide an overall better service.

Safety comes first at High Country Tree Services, so when you book a job with us you are buying peace of mind. High Country Tree Services is fully insured and has some of the best qualified arborists and climbers in North East Victoria. Our team will go to great heights to ensure your job is completed quickly, safely and economically. 

Let's get started

Click the Free Quote link at the top of the page or call for a free quotation.

Blake will attend your site promptly to meet and assess the scale of works.  A detailed quote will then be emailed to you for you to review. It is our goal to ensure that everyone is happy with the high quality of work, any questions regarding the quotes are welcomed to address any concerns at this stage.


The team at High Country Tree Services will go to great heights to ensure your trees are healthy, balanced and aesthetically pleasing, at all times providing the best equipment, operators and climbers for the job.

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Environmentally friendly

High Country Tree Services aims to preserve the environment in all jobs we encounter. Due care is taken to reduce and eliminate the environmental impacts of our work.


At fortnightly ‘Tool Box Meetings’ all staff meet to discuss environmental issues and ways of minimizing our impact (as well as other issues).

HCTS employee induction includes environmental management training, in particular how to minimize the environmental impact on the worksites.

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