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Arborists in Australia must comply with many safety and environmental standards. Dedication to the standards of OHS Policy and Procedures actively ensures we comply with all safety requirements.

High Country Tree Services are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for our employees and keeping the impact of our activities on the environment to a minimum.

We have developed a work health, safety and environmental management system that contains procedures and processes to cover all high risk activities in the business.

Our staff receive training and updates on health, safety and environment and are encouraged to actively participate in the ongoing development of our system

High Country Tree Services are also committed to provide high quality, honest work that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. To continue to do so, we:

  • employ experienced and qualified staff and contractors;

  • train new staff to our standards

  • customer feedback is incorporated

  • we maintain comprehensive procedures and processes


High Country Tree Services holds the following insurances:

 20m Public Liability | Vehicle Insurance | Workcover

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