Risk Prevention

It is far simpler and more cost effective to prevent tree problems than deal with a problem tree.  At High Country Tree Services risk prevention starts with species selection, ensuring the correct trees are planted for the area e.g. children’s playgrounds, caravan parks, etc. Other prevention strategies include formative pruning to shape trees and address issues when trees are young, deadwood removal, mistletoe removal, mulching to minimize the affects of drought and avoiding ground compaction under trees by livestock.

Tree Reports

Many organisations with responsibility for high traffic areas and public spaces require annual auditing of trees for insurance purposes. High Country Tree Services’ qualified arborists will assess one tree or a specified area.

Tree Reports involve inspection of tree/s by a qualified arborist, who will assess tree structure, health and safety, identify any unhealthy or hazardous trees and recommend tree works as required.

Powerline Clearance

High Country Tree Services has teams working full time on fire prevention, clearing vegetation, pruning and removing trees around powerlines across North East and Central Victoria.