Tree Care

Tree Care

Tree Surgery

Tree surgeons are qualified to maintain and preserve trees. High Country Tree Services have the necessary expertise and equipment to safely remove hazardous or decaying branches to extend the lifespan of trees and maintain their structure and aesthetic value.

Mistletoe Removal

Mistletoe is a hemi-parasitic plant, spread by birds into the branches of healthy trees, tapping into the tree’s nutrients and causing branches to die. Without treatment, mistletoe could kill a 150-year old gum within five to 10 years.

High Country Tree Services advises that ‘death by mistletoe’ is preventable in trees with less than 70% infestation and clients are encouraged to leave mistletoe off-cuts on the ground – it makes great mulch and helps prevent stock compacting soil around the bases of already stressed trees.

Root Barriers

When tree root systems begin to interfere with buildings or infrastructure, often the first impulse is to remove the tree. High Country Tree Services is able to save valuable established trees by installing root barriers to a maximum depth of 1.2 meters around the tree.