Tree Services

Tree Services

High Country Tree Services is fully insured and has some of the best qualified arborists and climbers in North East Victoria, and a large range of state of the art equipment to safely and efficiently complete all tree works.

Fast, safe & economical

Safety comes first at High Country Tree Services, so when you book a job with us you are buying peace of mind. High Country Tree Services has the most highly qualified team of arborists in North East Victoria together with the latest technology and equipment.

Our team will go to great heights to ensure your job is completed quickly, safely and economically. No job is too big or too small.


High Country Tree Services personnel is charged at three different rates:

  • Tree climbing arborist
  • Grounds man (laborer)
  • Consulting Arborist – minimum qualification, Certificate IV Horticulture (Arboriculture)


Machinery is charged separately:

  • Truck & 12” Chipper
  • Truck & 8” Chipper
  • Truck & 6” Chipper
  • Bobcat with operator
  • Stump grinder with operator
  • EWP with operator
  • Wood splitter with operator
  • Support vehicle (with road signage or spray unit) with operator
  • NEW CHIPPER (see below)
    $190.00 per day $880.00 per week to hire – Chips branches up to 4 inches
    New ChipperNew Chipper

Applying for a Permit

High Country Tree Services will refer property owners to the appropriate authority to obtain the permits (if required) for tree removal or pruning, including the Mansfield Shire, VicRoads, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority or Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts Management Board.

Permits are required depending on the type, size and location of trees requiring attention. In particular, permits are required to remove trees that are close to roads and waterways or in the alpine area.

Airborne Trimming Services

Helicopter airborne tree trimming services are available for trees that are not safely accessible by climbers, cherry pickers or excavators.

Tree Services Mansfield


High Country Tree Services specializes in the ropes side of the tree business, from climbing to rigging. There’s no ‘near enough is good enough’ when your life or property depends on ropes and rigging.

Qualified tree climbing arborists know the breaking strains and safe shock loadings of all the different sized ropes and cables used for different tasks.  Friction drums, pulleys, winches, strops and other devices are used for large or difficult tree removals in confined spaces with minimal landing zone.

Other Services

Other services offered by High Country Tree Services include: Cable Bracing and Land Clearing.