Going to great heights for your safety

Based in Mansfield, Victoria, High Country Tree Services is committed to providing a safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive service you can trust.

High Country Tree Services boasts the region’s top tree climbing arborists providing expert service to government, business and homeowners.

Tree work requires a high degree of technical competence. High Country Tree Services offers a range of tree works including assessments, tree reports, tree surgery, pruning, powerline clearance, tree removal, stump removal, mistletoe and vegetation removal. All tree works are carried out to Australian Standard AS4373: Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007).

Operating since 1996, the company has $20million in Public Liability Insurance and more qualified arborists and a greater range of equipment than any other tree services operator in North East Victoria.

Our motto: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. High Country Tree Services recommends annual tree checks to maintain tree health and prevent damage to people or property.

Call for a free quotation.  The team at High Country Tree Services will go to great heights to ensure your trees are healthy, balanced and aesthetically pleasing, at all times providing the best equipment, operators and climbers for the job.

All debris is recycled to make a rich garden mulch that looks and smells great.  5% of all mulch sales are donated to our Mansfield Relay for Life team, The High Country Friends and Family Tree to help fund cancer research.

High Country Tree Services provide clients with peace of mind, knowing they will receive the best expertise and equipment required for the job, with all employees wearing HCTS branded uniforms and traveling in HCTS branded vehicles.


High Country Tree Services aims to preserve the environment. Due care is taken to reduce and eliminate the environmental impacts of our work. At fortnightly ‘Tool Box Meetings’ all staff meet to discuss environmental issues and ways of minimizing impact (as well as other issues).

HCTS employee induction includes environmental management training, in particular how to minimize the environmental impact of worksites (up to 15 sites per day).

Environmental Management

HCTS environmental management strategies involve all aspects of our business, including carbon emissions, careful operation of plant and equipment, recycling and fire prevention.

  • Environmentally responsible choice of vehicles and equipment for each job to reduce fuel consumption, pollution and lower maintenance costing.
  • All chainsaws fitted with spark arresters to prevent ignition of dry grass, leaves or debris to eliminate any fire risk.
  • Second hand hydraulic oil re-used as chain bar lube to lower the production of bar lube and reduces amount of used hydraulic oil being recycled. HCTS uses over 1000 litres of bar lube annually.
  • All fuel cans fitted with auto stoppers to ensure no spillage or waste when refueling chainsaws and eliminate any contamination of soil around work sites.
  • Where possible, non-motorized saws are used to minimize emissions.
  • All HCTS vehicles are serviced as per manufactures recommendation to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.
  • All second hand engine oil re-used in workshop headers and on post and rail fencing at owner’s farm to eliminate the use of gas or electricity and reduce the amount of oil being recycled. Use of oil to paint fences extends the life of the fence and eliminates need for paint. Oil is not applied close to the ground to avoid seepage into the soil.
  • All used tyres from HCTS vehicles and other machinery are given to the local junior motorcycle club for buffers around their motorcycle track. This prevents tyres entering landfill.
  • Used chains and bars from saws recycled as scrap metal.
  • Mulch is stockpiled and sold to the public or donated to local communities to reduce water use on gardens and electricity to run water pumps.
  • Large timber debris recycled and sold as firewood (environmental advantage?)
  • Any exotic timber such as Chestnut, Blackwood or Walnut is sold to a timber merchant in Yea for woodturning, furniture or stocks for firearms.
  • Chemical usage is minimal and all chemicals are dispersed with control trigger spray bottles to reduce the amount of wastage and contamination to the surrounding environment.
  • All used chemical drums are disposed of through the annual ‘Drum Muster’.
  • Continuous mechanical devises (e.g. 20 tonne excavator) are used to eliminate chemical spraying and reduce fire risk.
  • Use of office supplies is kept to a minimum through electronic communications (as preference), recycled paper, double sided printing and refillable printer cartridges.

Mulch For Your Garden

Mulch is a byproduct of our business – we chip all debris from jobs and make a rich garden mulch that looks and smells great.  Clients can keep their mulch or we will take it back to our yard at Crosbys Lane for sale to the public or donation to community groups.

5% of all mulch sales are donated to ‘The High Country Friends and Family Tree’ our Mansfield Relay for Life team raising funds for cancer research.

Our Customer Service Commitment

From the moment the client calls for a quotation until the last of the debris has been raked up, High Country Tree Services’ clients will feel they have received value for money from a highly professional business.

Clients call for a quote

  • Attendance at the property within 7 days (weekend visits are available for holiday home owners)


  • What is best outcome for tree, people and property?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • What equipment and staff are required?
  • What permits are required?

Written quote provided

  • Reference to AS4373: Pruning of Amenity Trees (2007)
  • Public Liability Insurance $20mil
  • Clear and full details of the work to be done
  • Whether GST is included
  • Who will be responsible for obtaining necessary permits
  • What steps will be taken to protect you, your property and the environment
  • Would the client like to keep their debris (mulch) or have it removed?

Job is carried out

  • At earliest convenience
  • Client given 24 hours notice prior to works, if required
  • On arrival well presented, professional HCTS personnel will introduce themselves to the client
  • Agreed works carried out
  • All efforts are made to leave the site in excellent condition
  • Customer satisfaction confirmed before leaving the site


Government agencies are concerned about public safety and environmental issues, and require a very high level of hazard prevention and emergency response to ensure that potentially hazardous trees are pruned or removed.

High Country Tree Services provides highly experienced arborists for Tree Reports, powerline clearing, fire prevention and 24-hour emergency response.

Clients include:

  • SP AusNet
  • Mansfield Shire Council
  • Department of Sustainability & Environment
  • Department of Primary Industries
  • Goulburn Murray Water
  • Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority
  • Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board
  • VicRoads

Schools & Tourism Businesses

Schools and local tourism businesses require tree works to be completed during times when children, staff and clientele are not on the property to prevent distraction and keep risks to a minimum.

High Country Tree Services are happy to accommodate schools and businesses by providing tree works during off-peak periods.

Clients include:

  • Schools
  • Ski lodges
  • Caravan parks
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Wineries
  • Weekend land owners

Holiday Homeowners

Springtime can be a busy time for holiday homeowners, with tree work required to clear the winter dead wood, manage new growth and prepare for the summer bushfire season ahead.

High Country Tree Services will take the load off holiday homeowners by reducing their weekend work, cost of equipment and risks associated with tree management, leaving them to relax and enjoy ‘time out’ in the High Country.

Farmers/Large Property Owners

Farmers know the value of an 80-100 year old tree – they cannot be easily replaced. High Country Tree Services will save farmers and large property-owners time and money by preventing tree death and damage to assets (fences and buildings) and maintaining shelter for livestock and wildlife.

High Country Tree Services recommends formative pruning of young trees to allow growth of well-structured trees, as well as thinning and deadwood removal in shelterbelts to create a low maintenance tree guard.  Together with regular mistletoe inspection and removal this will significantly increase tree survival and land value.

Suburban Gardens

Hazard prevention is vital on smaller properties where trees overhang buildings and may cause personal harm. High Country Tree Services will provide specialized climbers and equipment to negotiate small yards and minimize risk to people, houses, sheds and gardens.

Warning to homeowners: tree works can be dangerous, requiring suitable physical fitness, experience and the correct equipment.